Powder Coated Wheels


Create a Completely Custom Look
A powder coat finish is recommended for any wheel color-change due to its impressive durability. Your wheels take a lot of punishment as you log mileage, so it’s important to use a process that will protect them from the road.
Fully Customizable

Powder coating can be color-matched to your vehicle’s exterior or complemented with a different color entirely, just like traditional paint jobs. Contact us if you're interested in a custom color not listed on the site.

Durable Finish

Unlike normal urethane or acrylic automotive paints, the powder coating process uses an electric charge to bond tinted powder to the metal’s surface. This process results in a stronger adhesion that brings greater durability. 

What is Powder Coating?

Powder coating is a cost effective way to customize your ride with impressive durability.  With nearly endless color options  you have complete control to choose a look you'll love.

Fully Customizable

Similar to paint, powder coating has nearly an endless amount of color options for results you can see!

Endless Options

Simply Choose Your Color And We'll Make It Happen.


Add Lugs and Center Caps For Additional Personalization.

Durable Finish

Chemically bonded to the metal's surface with an electric charge for stronger adhesion and greater durability!

Charged Bond

Gives Greater Durability Than Traditional Paint.

Powdered Clear

Strengthen The Surface & Extend Color Life.

Lug Nuts & Center Caps

If you don’t want to reuse your factory lug nuts you can choose to add new lugs in your selected finish to match. We also offer the choice of leaving your center caps in their factory finish to retain the branding on non-embossed caps, or create compelling contrast with your new wheel’s finish.

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Common Questions

Don't see your question? That's okay! Send us a message and we'll have one of our experts reach out!

Yes it is! Just like regular paint we can two tone powder coat for an even more custom look!
Yep, we've got ya covered! We can re-finish your wheels before powder coating.
Nope, just like regular automotive paint we use a clear coat over top for protection against road debris!

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