Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coating

Ceramic solutions applies a liquid polymer clear coating to your car’s body. The polymer forms a chemical bond with the factory paint, and the resulting barrier allows insects, dirt, grime and acid rain to be easily washed away, eliminating buildup.

One of the primary benefits to getting your car ceramic coated is its hydrophobic properties. This makes washing & drying your car super easy!

Enhanced Gloss & Depth

Ceramic coating can give your vehicle’s paint additional gloss and depth since it bonds chemically to your paint. This can give your car that “wet” paint look!

Resists Scratching

Ceramic solutions create an extra barrier of protection for your vehicles paint. This in turn can help prevent scratching and scuffing from occurring!

Why Get Ceramic Coated?

The Benefits Are Clear


See It In Action

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so a video must be worth more right? We know how important it is to see big purchases in action!


It's Easy To Maintain

Just wash your car as you normally would to maintain a showroom shine and finish!

No More Contaminants

Our hydrophobic formulation bonds with your vehicle's paint and protects it against contaminants!

Less Time Cleaning

You can spend less time cleaning and maintaing your vehicle and more time on the road enjoying it!

Lets Get You Coated.

Get your vehicle ceramic coated for only $2,495!
Includes ceramic coating application & 5-year warranty coverage

Common Questions

Don't see your question? That's okay! Send us a message and we'll have one of our experts reach out!

Ceramic coating bonds a liquid polymer to your vehicles paint to give it several beneficial characteristics. Of these, hydrophobic characteristics are typically the most notable benefit of getting your car ceramic coated!
The coating is applied by our Ceramic Solutions experts as a liquid across the entire exterior of your vehicle. Before this, the paint is completely decontaminated and prepared to achieve an optimal chemical bond!
As with a non-coated car, you'll want to avoid wiping your vehicle clean when it's dry. Always use a microfiber towel and lubricant to ensure the coating lasts its full lifespan!
The magic of ceramic coating is that no special maintenance is required! Simply wash your car as you normally would to maintain a showroom finish year round!

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