Paint Protection Film

3M Paint Protection Film

Protect Your Car Against The Elements
Paint protection films (also known as PPF or clear bras), protect your vehicle's paint, and keep it looking good as new! Our team of 3M certified installers apply the film to your vehicles in a number of coverage options to protect against rock chips, and tons of other contaminants.
Protection From Rocks

Tired of the front of your vehicle getting beat up by road debris and rocks? A clear bra might be the obvious choice! Clear bras offer similar protection as a traditional car bra, without looking like a partial car cover on the front bumper!

Protect Resale Value

Less road rash on your vehicles paint means less value lost when you go to trade in your vehicle! Dealerships and private buyers love to whittle down your vehicles value on cosmetics like chipped paint, clear bras can help!

Stay Looking New

Keep your vehicle looking as fresh as when it rolled off of the factory floor. The saying goes, when you look good, you feel good. The same can be said about your car, it just feels good to drive a car that looks brand new!

3M Pro Shop Dealer
Only the best of the best earn the rights to call themselves a 3M™ Pro Shop Dealer like ourselves. Pro Shop Dealers have demonstrated the highest level of expertise and service with 3M Automotive Window Film and Paint Protection Film!

Say No To Road Rash

Stop your vehicles paint from fading and chipping over the years spent on the open road!

Self Healing Technology

With unique self-healing technology, 3M clear bras make most scratches disappear!

Protect Resale Value

Keep the upper hand when it comes to trade in your vehicle, by protecting its high impact areas!

More Money In Your Pocket

Dealers and buyers alike will use anything they can to give you less for your vehicle! Give them less reasons to negotiate price!

Stay Looking New

With a 10 year warranty, your vehicle will be protected for longer than most people even own their vehicles!

Like It Just Rolled Off The Lot

Paint chips are one way we judge how new or used a vehicle is. Protect yours with a clear bra for a factory finish for years!

Where Should I Protect?

High Impact Areas

Protect the areas of your vehicle most likely to experience road rash and paint chips! This typically includes the front quarter of your hood, and mirrors!

Beyond High Impact Areas

For full protection you can opt to go above and beyond just the high impact areas! Add a clear bra to the front of your vehicle or even protect it from bumper to bumper!

Common Questions

Don't see your question? That's okay! Send us a message and we'll have one of our experts reach out!

Yes it can! If you decide for some reason you want to go back to exposed paint, you can do so relatively easily! The clear bra however, is not reusable after removal!
You bet! You can use a pressure washer, but you must wait until the film has completely dried after installation (about 48 hours). It's also a good bet to avoid spraying directly at edges where your clear bra has been applied!
There are several benefits of using 3M's paint protection films. Of these, their clarity, durability, warranty, and self-healing properties are the most prominent! Plus, 3M hasn't become a household name by not creating a high quality product!

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