Leveling Kits



Give Your Truck Some Additional Style
Eliminate the nose-down look (factory rake) of your stock truck with this simple solution that raises the front end of your truck to be level with the rear! We only use heavy-duty kits which feature materials that will never rust or succumb to the elements.
Remove Factory Rake

Most trucks come from the factory with some amount of rake (the difference in height from front to rear). To remove factory rake, leveling kits raise the front of your truck in order to give the ride a level appearance!

Add Ground Clearance

Although a leveling kit can provide great aesthetic benefits to your truck, one additional reason you may want to get a leveling kit is additional ground clearance. This alone can save you from damage on the trails!

Factory Ride Quality

Leveling kits simply raise your suspension by adding spacers. This means that you still get the smooth, plush factory ride quality. This is one reason why you might consider a leveling kit as opposed to  a lift kit!

Installation Included

We won't leave ya hangin'! Our expert install team will take care of the installation from start to finish. Leave the headache to us so you can focus on enjoying your upgraded ride!

Remove Factory Rake

Remove that drag racer rake from your daily driver with the help of a leveling kit!

Rake Be Gone

Factory rake is a look not everyone wants on their pickup truck. Leveling kits help eliminate this appearance!

Add Ground Clearance

Further separate your undercarriage from the ground, and enjoy peace of mind on the trails!

Stay Protected

Prevent Undercarriage Damage While On The Trails.

Stay On The Trail

Overcome Challenging Obstacles On The Trails.

Factory Ride Quality

Keep your ride quality as plush as it came from the factory while improving the appearance!

Smooth Sailing

Experience factory ride quality with a leveling kit! Share your leveled rides with us on social media!

A Noticeable Difference

Common Questions

Don't see your question? That's okay! Send us a message and we'll have one of our experts reach out!

Yes there is! A leveling kit simply levels your vehicle so that the front and rear sit parallel (or level) with the ground) by lowering or raising one of the sides. On the other hand, a lift kit will raise both sides of the vehicle's suspension.
In most cases yes! As long as you hang on to all of your stock suspension components and no modifications have been made to crossmembers, you should have no problems reverting to stock. But why would you want to, right?
Most of the time, yes. Most vehicle classes outside of pickup trucks don't have rake from the factory, Manufacturers give their trucks weight so that when a payload is added to the bed, the rear suspension won't sag.

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