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Get instant recognition with a complete or partial wrap of your food truck. With a properly designed and applicated wrap your customers should have a good idea of the kind of food you offer, your quality, and what makes your business unique.
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Food Truck Wrap Options

One of the largest expenses in the food truck industry is the vehicle itself. You need to put a lot of time and effort into keeping your truck in great working condition. But you also have to consider the appearance of the vehicle.

Wraps can provide a wide range of benefits. Not only do they transform the appearance partially or even completely but they can protect the value of your vehicle by mitigating rock chips and rust.

Partial Wrap

Partial wraps integrate the vehicle's paint color into the design by covering only select areas of the body.

  • Cost Effective: Opting for a partial wrap to start can be a more viable option and upgrading to a full wrap over time may be the path you need. Overall less space to cover leads to less material and time applying it which saves money in the short term.

  • Speed of Production: Full wraps can take a ton of time to properly measure, size, and install graphics. You can’t make money with your truck if you aren’t driving it out and about, so partial graphics can be a faster solution.

  • New Vehicle: When you have a newer vehicle there’s less of a need to cover the whole thing because there aren’t any blemishes. In some cases there is a specific color of paint already on the vehicle that can be incorporated in your design saving on material.

Full Wrap

Full wraps use every square inch of the body to convey your message, and are the best way to stand out from the competition.

  • Professional Look: When you cover the entire vehicle it flows together seamlessly and provides a ton of customization. Having the whole vehicle covered creates a more finished look and feel that tends to be associated with having a higher quality offering.

  • Better Advertising: With a full wrap people can see your messaging from all angles of your vehicle. Having better visibility leads to more recognition when people are searching for you or the type of food you offer.

  • More Room for Art: In order to intrigue customers you’ll need large and easy to read art. With a full wrap you have more space to work with and make things like text and imagery more legible.

  • Better Protection: Having vinyl cover all your vehicle can protect your paint from chipping and rusting over time. This helps save re-sale value and the overall life of your food truck!

Bringing Your Vision to Life

It’s important to create a brand identity for your food truck that customers will recognize and connect with. We take these important steps to ensure your vision is accurately portrayed on your food truck.

1. Core Values

Everything starts with your values because it dictates how you represent yourself. This is key since people tend to buy things that resonate with them more.

2. Messaging

All of the text on your food truck should accurately relate to the values we mentioned as well as the product you intend to offer.

3. Imagery

There are a ton of ways you can create a visual identity. We ensure your branding stays consistent to the image you want to portray to your customers.

4. Color Theory

People associate color with feelings and certain color schemes are more pleasing than others all based in color theory.

Get your vehicle wrapped in 4 Steps

From mockup to delivery our team is ready to complete your custom jobs.


Mockup Creation

Our team will work with you to get your design perfected before we get started with installation.



Once the design is approved our team begins printing and producing your wrap.



Our professional installers take your printed design and install it on your food truck.


Ready to Go!

Your food truck is ready to deliver food and look great while doing it!

We transformed this food truck with a complete wrap. Bumper to bumper this rig now shows its true colors.

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