Bed Liners by Pendaliner

Accessory Details

Best Available Design

A bed liner from Pendaliner protects your investment from scrapes, scratches, dents, and grime, while creating a skid-resistant surface for bed cargo. Pendaliner bed liners have up to 2x the skid resistance of other drop in or spray-on bed liners, and feature a ribbed design that guards against dents and scrapes while allowing water to drain away from the bed.

Better Than Spray-Ins

It takes 483 lbs of force to dent sheet metal beneath a Pendaliner bed liner. It only takes 67 lbs of force to dent through a spray-in bed liner. Many spray-ins require scuffing the truck bed's paint, which can affect the truck's corrosion warranty. Choose a Pendaliner bed liner from us and you'll be protected.

Available Options

Bed liners are custom fit, with no-drill installation and tie down hole caps available for most models.