CarLink by Voxx Electronics

Accessory Details

Remote Start

Deliver greater value from your car each day with smart features making your vehicle more convenient and pleasurable to own. Locate your car in an instant when you've forgotten where you've parked it, or help authorities track it down if it's ever stolen. Plus, enjoy optional remote start features that are controlled via smartphone.


CarLink not only helps you and your passengers stay safe, it also gives you savings on general vehicle maintenance. Uncover the mystery of the check-engine light before you see the mechanic, and receive reports on hundreds of other vehicle functions. The system not only tracks mileage for business expenses, but also recommends helpful ways for reducing fuel costs.

All CarLink Subscribers can join our Car Insurance Discount Program and apply for Car Insurance Discounts from dozens of Insurance Carriers. All from your online CarLInk account.


Carlink brings you an array of connected services that make every drive a safer and more confident experience. Essential roadside services mean you're never far from help, and a driver safety package helps protect those you love, especially teens and seniors. No one ever expects to face trouble on the road, but isn't it great to know that you're protected all the same?

Available Options

CarLink uses a yearly subscription for either basic or premium service. For more information on functionality and pricing take a look at the frequently asked questions, or visit the CarLink website.